I’m the author of two books – Contemporary British Queer Performance (2012) and Queer exceptions: solo performance in neoliberal times (2018) – as well as a range of essays on theatre, performance and contemporary culture. I’m particularly interested in the relationship between performance and the conditions (social, political and economic) which make it possible – especially when such work is judged to be outside of the mainstream. I am currently working on the history of Live Art in Scotland.

You can find a regularly updated list of my academic publications at the University of Glasgow’s Enlighten research repository. My other shorter essays include:

I’m involved with a range of arts organisations around Scotland and the UK, creating and curating events such as the Live Art Scotland Forum and Between Strangers symposium for Take Me Somewhere festival. My public speaking includes a seminar on creative entrepreneurship for Deakin University, Melbourne, a panel discussion on LGBTQ+ gaming for Comicon Glasgow, and a talk for TedX University of Glasgow.