The Economies of Adrian Howells

9781783205899A contribution to It’s All Allowed:The Performances of Adrian Howells, edited by Dee Heddon and Dominic Johnson. Drawing on personal records and production ephemera – now held as part of the Scottish Theatre Archive – this essay explores the forms of affective labour  and generosity which characterised Howells’ practice, and the ways in which his one-to-one performances might challenge dominant cultural conceptions of value and exchange.

Excerpt: ‘Adrian Howells kept his receipts. He kept his receipts, his professional contracts and his bank statements, and he kept them carefully. I am trying to make sense of these records, and the trace of value that they describe in Howells’ life and practice. This is not an easy task, in part because he seems to have kept nearly everything but also – paradoxically – because his archive is a partial one’.