Focusing on contemporary and c20th practice, my teaching in Theatre Studies combines traditional university formats – lectures and seminars – with practical workshops and exercises. This approach is grounded in the belief that theory, history and practice-based learning can each inform the other. My areas of expertise include queer / LGBT performance, documentary and verbatim theatres and new media performance, as well as devising and improvisation.

Since 2012, I have lead the first year Theatre Studies programme at the University of Glasgow, where I also contribute to Honours and post-graduate teaching across the subject area. My current specialist Honours options include Queer Exceptions, a course about performance, queer theory and ideas of the ‘singular subject’, and The Activist Stage, an applied and social theatre course which examines the relationships between performance and activism. A partial reading list for this year’s version of The Activist Stage is available online.

I am also a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.