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A little news: first,, a website with my name on it, and queer theory reader, a tumblr for day-to-day linkage and cultural politics commentary. The first draft of my book on contemporary British queer performance is now with my editors at Palgrave Macmillan; hopefully, I’ll get to share it with you later next year. […]

further explanation

As a minor follow-up to my earlier post on women in comedy, ITV’s Comedy Juice managed to break the chaperone rule1 by featuring no less than four women to three men (including the host, Keith Lemon). Leaving aside that the panellists were minor celebrities and TV presenters rather than working comedians, I’ll just note that […]


The rules of FlyerFace are simple: fold/tear existing flyers to make at least one new face out of two old ones. One of the nicest things about this game is that it makes you genuinely pleased to get new flyers which – if you’ve ever sat in a fringe venue – sounds almost impossible. The […]